July 27, 2017

From the Farm Spotlight

The Bahl family farm in Dubuque County has been growing since it was founded over 150 years ago. With the addition of a new dairy barn to planting trees, the Bahl farm continues to thrive and grow. 

Mike Bahl called the Coalition to learn about opportunities in expanding the family dairy herd. With the farm's location within the city limits, Bahl contacted the Coalition to help with the expansion, as well as working with fellow neighbors and ultimately planting trees. 

In working with neighbors and doing things right, the newly planted trees work for visual screening and odor reduction around the constructed facility. That is why this month the Bahl family farm is the Green Farmstead Program From the Farm Spotlight.

For questions on how you can incorporate trees on your livestock farm call 1-800-932-2436 or visit  http://www.supportfarmers.com/programs/green-farmstead-partner-program.

By: Emma Wilson, CSIF Intern

June 15, 2017

Frazier Nursery Spotlight Video

John and Alex Frazier, owners of Frazier Nursery near Vinton offer their skills and expertise for farmers looking to add trees for snow deposition, erosion control or just to beautify the landscape around their feedlots and livestock barns.

"We're different from other nurseries because we are specializing in windbreaks specifically. We certainly do sell other types of trees, but we like to become well-versed in the types of trees modern livestock farms require, says Alex Frazier." 

Check out the video to learn how Frazier Nursery can help you! 

The Coalition is proud to work with Frazier Nursery as a partner in the Green Farmstead Partnership Program. Don't miss out on the workshop "Putting Down Roots on Your Livestock Farm" hosted by the Frazier Nursery on June 20th! For more information on the program and event visit http://www.supportfarmers.com/greenfarm or call 1-800-932-2436. 

May 25, 2017

Partnership Spotlight: Frazier Nursery

 "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today!" 
-Frazier Nursery

For 33 years, John Frazier's career was in teaching, and although he fully enjoyed his time as an educator at Vinton-Shellsburg, he knew he was a farmer at heart. After retiring from teaching two years ago, John decided to devote his full attention to his business, Frazier Nursery.

Alongside his wife, Carolyn, John opened Frazier Nursery in 1995 after becoming involved in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Together, they  have been growing quality trees and shrubs ever since.

"We've got 185 acres of crop ground and I always wanted to stay in agriculture. This worked great because I didn't have to have hundreds of acres and I'm still able to have a business," says John.

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa and working for a few years, John’s son, Alex, decided to return to the family business as well.  Alex says he recognized opportunities arising as the business grew. He returned full-time to Frazier Nursery in 2012.

     Alex Frazier (left) John Frazier (right) owners of Frazier Nursery located in Vinton, IA.

Today, the family owned nursery offers a broad array of services for livestock farmers as well as homeowners.

"Probably 75% of our sales are in windbreaks around farmsteads, buildings and hedges in town," says John.

They also offer lawn seeding services and tree spades to move or plant larger trees, but their specialty is growing large shade and ornamental trees.

John and Alex enjoy watching their customers have successful plantings as well as getting to know them on a personal level.

“One thing I've learned over the years is people have a tie to a certain tree, says John. For example, as a child if you climbed a sycamore tree, you could pick one out going down the highway just because you remember that bond.".

The Fraziers believe in the necessity of trees on livestock farms and the benefits windbreaks offer such as shade or lower utility bills. They also emphasize trees add beauty to farmland while creating an aesthetically pleasing, green environment that provides protection.

"Six years ago we had a major windstorm come through Vinton and I could take you to a farmstead that didn't have any trees and the place got blown away,” reflects John. "I could take you less than a mile away where a farmstead was surrounded by tress and show you little structural damage."

Frazier Nursery’s partnership with the Coalition has allowed them to get to know more people from different communities throughout the 100-mile radius area they serve.

"I think the Coalition's website has a ton of information. If people read that, not only would they be knowledgeable but they would get excited about tree planting too." says John.
The Coalition team with Alex and John Frazier.   

On Tuesday, June 20th, the Coalition and Frazier Nursery will be teaming up to host the Green Farmstead Partner Workshop. The theme of the event is ‘Putting Down Roots on Your Livestock Farm” and will feature tours of the nursery as well as an expert panel who will share tips on planting trees around livestock barns and feedlots. Visit www.supportfarmers.com/greenfarmworkshop for a detailed agenda and to register.

The Coalition is proud to work with Frazier Nursery as a partner in the Green Farmstead Partnership Program. For more information and professional expertise, call 1-800-932-2436 or visit greenfarmstead.blogspot.com.